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本文摘要:$k——Thousands of dollars千美元$M——Millions of dollars百万美元% R R——Gage % Repeatability and Reproducibility % 重复性和再现性ANOVA——Analysis Of Variance 方差分析AOP——Annual Operating Plan年度运营计划BB——Black Belt黑带;A process improvement project team leader who i


$k——Thousands of dollars千美元$M——Millions of dollars百万美元% R & R——Gage % Repeatability and Reproducibility % 重复性和再现性ANOVA——Analysis Of Variance 方差分析AOP——Annual Operating Plan年度运营计划BB——Black Belt黑带;A process improvement project team leader who is trained and certified in the Six Sigma breakthrough methodology and tools, and who is responsible for project execution.经“六西格玛”方法论和工具使用培训并认证的历程革新项目的项目卖力人,卖力项目的执行。BOD——Board of Directors董事会BPM——Business Process Management商业流程治理BTS——Breakthrough Technology Solution 突破性革新解决方案C & E——Cause and Effects matrix因果矩阵CAP——Change Acceleration Process加速厘革流程Capability——能力 The total range of inherent variation in a stable process. It is determined by using control charts data.在稳定历程中全部内在固有变化的改变规模。它由控制图的数据来确定。

CapabilityIndex——能力指数A calculated value used to compare process variation to a specification. Examples are Cp, Cpk. Can also be used to compare processes to each other. 能力指数 为一盘算值用来比力对给定区间的历程变异。例如:Cp, Cpk能用来对历程举行相互比力。

CEO——Chief Executive Officer首席执行官CFO——Chief Financial Officer首席财政官CIO——Chief Information Officer首席信息官CNM——Customer Need Map主顾需要图COB——Chairman of the Board of Directors董事长Control Plan——A process control document that describes the system for controlling processes and parts. 控制计划 流程控制文档来形貌控制流程和部件的系统COO——Chief Operating Officer首席运营官COPQ——Cost of Poor Quality劣质产物成本Cost associated with poor quality products or services. Examples: Product inspection, Sorting, Scrap, Rework, and Field Complaints. 由低质量产物或服务所导致的成本。例如:产物磨练,挑选,废品,返修和客户诉苦。COQ——Cost Of Quality质量成本Cp——Index of process capability–process centered历程能力指数 – 对中心点历程C-P——Capacity-Productivity能力-生产率Cpk——Index of process capability–process not centered历程能力指数 – 非中心点历程CTQ——Critical Of Quality 关键质量点Defect——Any characteristic that deviates outside of specification limits or customer requirements.瑕疵 任何偏离限制或客户需求的特征DFSS——Design Of Six Sigma六西格玛设计DMAIC——Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control界说,丈量,分析,革新,控制DOE——Design Of Experience实验设计:An efficient method of experimentation that identifies, with minimum testing, factors (key process input variables) and their optimum settings that affect the mean and variation.一种试验的有效方法,通过最少次测试,来识别因素(关键历程输入变量)以及影响均值和变异的优化设置DPMO——Defect Per Million Opportunity百万时机缺陷数DPU——Defects Per Unit单元产物的瑕疵EHS——Environment Health Safety情况、康健和宁静FMEA——Potential Failure Modes and Effect Analysis潜在失效模式和效果分析FPY——First Pass Yield首次产出率 The percentage of products or services that are successfully completed on the first attempt without requiring remedial action or rework. 在第一次实验中不经调停和返修获得的产物或服务的乐成率FTA——Fault Tree Analysis故障树分析Gage Bias (aka Accuracy)——The difference between the true or reference value and the observed average of multiple measurements of identical characteristic on the same part. 尺度丈量偏差 对同一部件的某一可识别特征多次丈量的平均视察值与真值或参考值之间的差异。Gage Repeatability——The variation in measurements obtained with one measurement instrument when used several times by one appraiser while measuring the identical characteristic on the same part.尺度丈量重复性 当同一位视察者使用同一丈量仪器对同一部件的某一可识别特征举行多次丈量,所得效果的变异。

Gage Reproducibility——The variation in the average of measurements made by different appraisers, using the same measuring instrument when measuring the identical characteristic on the same part.尺度丈量再现性 当差别视察者使用同一丈量仪器对同一部件的某一可识别特征举行多次丈量,所得效果的变异。GB——Green Belt绿带GR&R——Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility丈量系统重复性和再现性Histogram——A graphic way of summarizing data by plotting possible values on one axis and the observed frequencies for those values on the other axis. It helps one visualize the central tendency and dispersion of the data.直方图 一种把可能泛起的值标注在一条数轴,把观察频率标注在另一数轴上从而形成图像的数据归纳方法。HR——Human Resources人力资源IS——Information Systems信息系统ISO——International Standards Organization国际尺度化组织IT——Information Technology信息技术ITSPMIT—— Small Project Management信息技术小项目治理KJ——Tool to Organize and Focus Qualitative Data分析客户需求并转化为产物功效要求的工具KPIV——Key Process Input Variable关键历程输入变量 The vital few process input variables that have the greatest effect on the output variable(s) of interest. They are called “X’s”, (normally 2 – 6) 至关重要的历程输入变量,对历程输出变量具有最大影响。它们被称作:X,(通常有2至6个)KPOV——Key Process Output Variable关键历程输出变量The output variable(s) of interest. They are called the “Y’s”, (usually 1). May be process performance measures or product characteristics. 历程的输出变量。

它们被称作:Y,(通常只有1个)。可为历程体现效果或产物特性。LSL——Lower Specification Limit下限MAIC——Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control丈量,分析,革新,控制MBB——Master Black Belt 黑带大师A person who is "expert" in Six Sigma breakthrough techniques and project implementation. MBBs play a key role in training and coaching Black Belts. 他是六西格玛突破技术和项目实施的专家,在培训黑带方面起关键作用。

Measurement System——The complete process used to obtain measurements. It consists of the collection of operations, procedures, gages and other equipment, software, and personnel used to assign a number or value to the characteristic being measured.丈量系统 获得丈量数值的全历程。它包罗:收集运营,法式步骤,丈量仪器和其他设备,软件,指定的丈量人员。

Minitab——The main statistical software package to support Six Sigma六西格玛黑带使用的主要统计软件工具包MOC——Management Of Change厘革治理MSA——Measurement System Analysis丈量系统分析Multi-Vari——Type of multiple variable process study一种多变量历程研究Multi-Vari ——ChartA graphic way of depicting variation within a single part, machine or process, or between parts (produced at the same time or over time). Allows the study of process inputs and outputs in a passive mode (natural day-to-day process).多变量图 一种用来形貌单一部件,机械或流程,或部件之间(同时生产的)的变异的图形方法。该方法可用主动方式(自然的日复一日的流程)研究历程的输入和输出Normal Distribution——A continuous, symmetrical, bell-haped frequency distribution for variable data. 正态漫衍 对变化的数据的一种一连的,对称的,钟形频率漫衍。

NPI——New Product Introduction新产物先容P/T——Measurement precision to customer tolerance ratio丈量准确度比允许误差PFT——Process Functional Analysis流程功效分析PPM——Parts Per Million每百万单元Probability——The chance of an event happening or a condition occurring in a random trial. 概率 某一事件在随机试验中的发生或条件发生的机率。Process——The combination of people, equipment, materials, methods and environment that produce output – a given product or service. It is the particular way of doing something. 流程 可以输出给定产物或服务的人员,设备,质料,方法,以及情况的组合。它是做事的一种特殊方法。Process Map——A step-by-step pictorial sequence of a process showing process inputs, process outputs, cycle time rework operations, and inspection points. 流程图 对流程举行的分步的图解序列,它列示出流程的输入、输出、周期和检查点。

Process Spread——The extent to which the distribution of individual values of the process characteristic (input or output variable) vary, often shown as the process average plus and minus some number of standard deviations. Other related measures of spread include range and variance. 流程漫衍度 对某一流程特性(输入或输出变量)的个体值的变化漫衍的扩展,经常以流程的平均值加减尺度差来表现。与漫衍度相关的其他丈量值为规模和变异。

QA——Quality Assurance质量保证QC——Quality Control质量控制QFD——Quality Function Deployment质量功效展开R——Range规模, 极差R & R——Recognition and Reward认可和奖励R&R——Repeatability and Reproducibility (for measurement)重复性与再现性Rolled Throughput Yield (RTY)——The multiplication of all individual first pass yields of each step of the entire process. 累计产出率 在全流程中全部每步个体首次产出率的乘积。RTY——Rolled Throughput Yield累计产出率 (也作累积及格率)s——Standard Deviation尺度差A measure of the spread of the process (width of distribution).丈量流程漫衍的一种方法(漫衍的宽度)SIPOC——Supplier Input Process Output Customer高层流程图,包罗供应,输入,历程,产出和主顾Six Sigma Sponsor——A business leader who facilitates the leadership, implementation and deployment of the Six Sigma initiative and breakthrough philosophies, and provides support to black belt(s) and/or green belt(s) and their project(s). 六西格玛提倡人 为业务领域的向导,他推动项目的向导权,实施,展开六西格玛的主动行动,以及突破哲学,并向黑带和绿带们提供项目支持。SOP——Standard Operation Process尺度操作法式,Standard Operating Procedure尺度运营法式SPACER——Safety, Purpose, Agenda, Code of Conduct, Expectations, Roles宁静,目的,日程,行为规范,期望,角色SPC——Statistical Process Control统计历程控制Specification——The engineering or customer requirement for judging acceptability of a particular characteristic. 规格 对某一特征用来判断是否接受的工程要求或客户要求。Statistical Control——The condition describing a process from which all special/assignable causes of variation have been eliminated and only common/random causes remain. Applies to both the mean (location) and standard deviation (spread). 统计控制 通过消除所有特定的或指定的影响变更的因素,而只保留配合的或随机的因素来形貌一个流程的条件。

对均值(位置)和尺度差(漫衍)都应用统计控制。TCS——Total Customer Satisfaction全面客户满足USL——Upper Specification Limit上限Variation——Difference between individual measurements. Differences are attributed to common and/or special causes. 变异 个体丈量值的差异。该差异归因于配合或特殊的原因。VOB——Voice of the Business业务之声VOC——Voice of the Customer客户之声VOP——Voice of the Process流程之声X——Process Input variable, including process variables历程输入变量,包罗历程变量X-BAR——Average of the variable X变量X的平均值Y——Process Output variable历程输出变量YB——Yellow Belt黄带Y-BAR——Average of the variable Y变量Y的平均值文章泉源:比特咨询。